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Company Overview

Eff Creative Group's mission is to help you change the world. We are a team of entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, and developers who launch groundbreaking digital and consumer products and campaigns for businesses with bespoke market solutions.

With a world-class team and exclusive clientele hailing from the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Eff Creative Group is a globally renown and vertically integrated creative agency and business accelerator across a multitude of industries and countries while constantly reinventing the world of design, media and technology with our most powerful weapon at hand - strategy. 

Our disruptive strategy is the foundation of our execution. Our ideology is creativity, and our planning stems from our unique tested experience as a team of serial entrepreneurs from various global industries. We focus on market opportunity, speed of execution, return on investments and our pinnacle goal for any client is sales. Strategy is the crux of our operations, we are exclusive in our selection of clients and ensure that we work on no more than a few active projects at a time to ensure quality and efficiency.

Our expertise in design is crafted through over a decade of experience and international exposure. With graphic designers from all over the world who bring their stories of creativity to the table, we guarantee to offer you something you haven’t seen before with a story that connects with your customers. Our designs are backed by research, strategy and trend analysis to ensure their relevance in the markets we are targeting. If looks could kill, we’re truly guilty as charged.

Our expertise in digital marketing and software development stems from a continual obsession with putting the user first. Our tight integration between digital marketing and engineering allows us to use comprehensive analytics and reporting to make frequent targeted pivots which make your platform and marketing better on a continual basis. In development, we keep clients in the loop at every step of the way with descriptive documentation, designs, and prototypes that take everything into account before a line of code is even written. In marketing, we use powerful monitoring and battle tested tools to place ads and content where the customers who are most likely to purchase will be. While our clients start with us for our ability to boil down complex marketing and engineering into a simple story, they stay with us for our ability to continually pivot our work towards their ultimate success by keeping them one step ahead of the digital landscape. 

Our expertise in media comes from our focus on creating a narrative behind your brand that connects with a global audience. We create unique and creative stories primed for distribution that give an ethos to your brand, allowing your customers to jump in and be involved in your message by connecting with your mission. We start our process by defining the brand and expand into creating content that has disruptive resonance using our highly experienced in-house creative team to tool technology-integrated visuals that grab eyes, hearts, and minds. Whether through targeted controversy, disruptive vision, or manufactured engagement, we create a vision that we feel is combustible and instantly recognizable. We use our past experience and powerful network of traditional and digital media influencers and reporters to put your brand’s story in front of the right people.

Eff Creative - New York, New York

Eff Creative - New York, New York